Apprenticeship Training

Definition: The Apprenticeship Training programme is the combination of on-the-job training and the classroom training, wherein the workers earn while learning the skills required for performing the specialized job.

Generally, the apprenticeship training is given to the technical staff such as mechanics, electricians, craftsmen, welders, etc. who work under the experts of each field for a longer period. The apprenticeship training programme lasts for 4-5 years until the worker becomes an expert in his field.

apprenticeship training
It is the combination of on the job and classroom training, wherein the workers get the knowledge about the job in a classroom and then they are required to perform the same in the workshops. This training programme tends more towards the education than on the vocational training.

Benefits of Apprenticeship Training

  1. Earn while learning
  2. Gaining the real life experience
  3. Mastering in a particular job field
  4. Varied career choices
  5. Increased Confidence
  6. Improved productivity
  7. Mentor support
  8. Maximum learning

Limitations of Apprenticeship Training

  1. Less wages
  2. Minimum graduation required to enter into some apprenticeship programmes
  3. Better opportunities in full-time programmes

There is a training contract between the trainer and the trainee; wherein the trainee gets the certificate from his supervisor on his readiness to work as an expert in the particular field.

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