Casual Unemployment

Definition: The Casual Unemployment is when the worker is employed on a day-to-day basis for a contractual job and have to leave it once the contract terminates. Simply, the inevitable time delay when a worker transits from one job to another due to the expiration of previous job contract is called as the casual unemployment.

The casual unemployment is prevalent in industries which work on contract basis, such as building construction, agriculture, etc. where the workers are hired on a day-to-day basis and leaves the company on the accomplishment of the work.

The workers who are released after the termination of a contract are included in the list of casual unemployed workers, and they are considered unemployed until they find suitable jobs elsewhere or renew the contract with the same firm for the completion of a new work.

The casual unemployment also gets created when there are extra workers at some places for a single piece of work, such as dockyard, where the workers are required for the loading and unloading and once the task is accomplished the extra workers are released. The casual unemployment is also seen at the time of weddings when the caterers hire extra workers for serving and cooking who become unemployed once the party gets over.


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