Definition: The Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable candidate for the vacant position in the organization. In other words, selection means weeding out unsuitable applicants and selecting those individuals with prerequisite qualifications and capabilities to fill the jobs in the organization.

Most often, the selection and recruitment are used interchangeably but however both have different scope. The former is a negative process that rejects as many unqualified applicants as possible so as to hire the right candidate while the latter is a positive process that attracts more and more candidates and stimulates them to apply for the jobs.

Based on the complexity of selecting the right candidate the selection process is comprised of several steps:

  1. Preliminary Interview
  2. Receiving Applications
  3. Screening of Applications
  4. Employment Tests
  5. Interview
  6. Reference Checking
  7. Medical Examination
  8. Final Selection

Significance of Selection

The company should follow a proper selection procedure as huge amount of money is invested in selecting the right candidate for the job. Also, the cost incurred in training and induction programme is too high that the wrong selections could lead to a huge loss to the employer in terms of the time, effort and money.

Absenteeism and labor turnover are the grim situation for any organization and if the candidates are not selected appropriately, then these problems will increase and the overall efficiency of the organization will go down.



    Thank you Ma’am for sharing this article. Selection topic is more important in any organization for selecting a people. Thanks a lot.

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