Types of Communication

Definition: The Communication is a two-way process wherein the information, ideas, opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc. are transmitted between the individuals through the use of mutually understood symbols and semiotic rules (signs and symbols)

The communication is the important factor for the commercial success of any business. The organizational Hierarchy also decides the type of channel through which the communication passes. On the basis of the status of individuals involved in the communication process and the urgency of the message to be sent, the communication channels can be categorized as:

  1. Formal Communication
  2. Informal Communication

Further, there are several forms of communication that the individuals use to give some pattern or expression to their messages such that it is easily understood by all. The most common types of communication are:

types of communication

  1. Verbal Communication, wherein you speak your subject matter, and others listen to it carefully and try to associate meaning with it.
  2. Nonverbal Communication, wherein the others observe you and try to confer a meaning to it.
  3. Written Communication wherein you write your message and others read it to derive meaning out of it.

Deciding on the types of communication to be used in the business context is quite tedious. The organization must consider the following set of questions before finalizing the communication:

  • Who are the intended recipients?
  • What message is to be communicated?
  • What is the time constraint?
  • How much budget is sanctioned for such activity?
  • What messages are often communicated? And what was their impact on the audience?

Hence, which form of communication shall be selected depends on the type of message to be transmitted and the personal preferences of the parties involved in the communication.


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