Written Communication

Definition: The Written Communication refers to the process of conveying a message through the written symbols. In other words, any message exchanged between two or more persons that make use of written words is called as written communication.

The written communication is the most common and effective mode of business communication. In any organization, the electronic mails, memos, reports, documents, letters, journals, job descriptions, employee manuals, etc. are some of the commonly used forms of written communication.

Such communication is used when the information to be transmitted is lengthy and includes some complex terms that cannot be explained verbally.  Also, the organizations maintain their documents in writings such that these can be used as a reference and evidence of any transaction anytime in the future. Thus, it is essential for every business organization to develop effective writing skills and inculcate this in all its employees.

The effectiveness of written content depends on the correct choice of words, their organization into correct sentence sequence and the cohesiveness in the sentences. The information in writing is considered more legal and valid than the spoken words. Also, people rely more on the written content than what has been said orally. But, however, unlike verbal communication the feedback of written communication is not immediate since it is not spontaneous and requires time to get into the understandable form.


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