Visual Communication

Definition: Visual Communication, as the name suggests, is the graphical representation of a message by one party to convey something to another. It involves transmission and interpretation of information by way of visual resources, that can be read or viewed.

In layman terms, visual communication is one which is purely based on vision, i.e. eyesight. This type of communication uses visual aids to connect with the audience such as graphics, signs, symbols, typography, and electronic resources. The aids not just inform, but also persuade and entertain them.

Elements of Visual Communication

Visual Resources that can be looked upon and understood easily by the audience are used, to deliver information or ideas. The elements of visual communication are:

  • Objects: Any kind of icon or shape used for showing an explanation or conveying any message, to the people it is directed to.
  • Models: It is a three-dimensional representation of any person or object, whose size is smaller than the actual size of that person or object. For instance, Globe is used as a model of Earth.
  • Graphs: Graph is basically a diagram representing the relationship between variables or items. Graphs are of several types like histogram, frequency polygon, bar graph, line graph, pie chart. For instance: Line graph is used by the company to show its profitability over the years.
  • Tables: Tables contains data, facts and figures, organized in rows and columns systematically.
  • Maps: A diagrammatic representation of a particular area, highlighting important spots, is called a Map. Nowadays, digital maps are also available, along with the printed ones.
  • Photographs: Photographs are the clicked pictures which are used to describe anything in detail. For instance, If you want to show the culture of a particular region, Photographs would be of great help.
  • Videos: Video is a visual recording of motion pictures, which requires a player to play it. At present, a number of people learn new skills through videos. It is one of the trending modes of communication.
  • Presentations: Also called as slide shows, there are mainly used to convey main points concerning a topic.

It is the third method of communication, the other being verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Ideal visual communication design is said to be the one which can be accurately interpreted by the target audience.

Examples of Visual Communication

Visual communication is something that we deal with, in our day to day life, like books, posters, logos, ads, charts, graphs, icons, sketches, screen-based media, clip art, etc. A “clock” is one of the best examples of visual communication. Come, let’s understand explore some more examples:

no honkingSymbol used to denote, Not to blow horn.
no parkingSign used to indicate No parking
ladies and gents washroomSign used to denote Ladies and Gents toilet.
danger signDanger Sign
pedestrian crossingSign indicating Pedestrian Crossing
railway crossingSign used for denoting Railway crossing
traffic signalTraffic Signal, wherein red light indicates Stop, Yellow light indicates Wait and Green light indicates Go
no smokingSymbol used for No Smoking
wifiSign for Wifi

The best thing about visual communication is that a person is not required to know a particular language to understand the information or message conveyed. This is due to the fact that this communication is simple and remains the same across various areas.

Moreover, it helps in communicating the message to a broader audience, even without talking to them directly.

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