Life Script

Definition: The Life Script refers to the meaning that one attributes to the events that happened to him at the early stage of life. Psychologists believe that an individual’s life script gets created in his childhood when he learns things unconsciously from the transactions between father, mother and the child.

Whenever an individual face any situation, he acts with reference to the script created as a result of the past experiences and the way he views his life positions, i.e. I am O.K you are O.K, I am not O.K. you are O.K., I am O.K. you are not O.K., I’m not O.K. you are not O.K.

An individual can determine his life script by understanding how his thoughts, behavior, ideas, etc. get influenced due to his past experiences. Every individual has a life script. A script is a complete plan of living that offers two structures: a structure that defines a winner or looser and the structure of authoritative warning or order, prescriptions and consent.

The life scripts can be changed with the time since these are not inborn but rather learned. The life script resembles the drama or a movie script that includes the characters, dialogues, actions, plays, etc. and move towards the climax and ultimately reach the end with the closure of curtains.

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